Advanced software made simple

We're small development group with bunch of projects. We're working on plugins for MC-Market & Spigot, while also providing Custom Development services for many customers. In Addition, we've just launched an open beta of our Hosting!

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Main advantages of Nekroplex

Working out of the box

All of our projects are designed with special care and efficient code & design. They are always working out of the box with no special setup needed. They are simple, fast and efficient.

Business Solution

When you hire us, you're Aladdin and we're the lamp genie. We will patiently listen to all of your wishes and make them a reality, while you're sitting in your comfortable chair. Choose us, and you'll have the key to software of your dreams.

Customer Support

We're providing best possible support to all of our customers. Just send us an e-mail, or contact us on Discord and we'll always respond in the max time of one hour!

Industry-leading webpanel design, that'll blow your mind

For all of our customers, we provide custom-made web-panel where you can report any issues, ask for support, buy our stuff and much more! Sign up now!

For our hosting, we provide you with an advanced, heavely modified version of Pterodactyl Panel. The main advantages are: Beautiful theme & custom design, custom backup system, integrated live-chat system, integration with main panel, and much more!

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Services we offer

Here's a list of our current service offerings:

Service Offered

Instant Setup
Free Web/FTP File Access
DDoS Protection
Free MySQL
13+ Worldwide Locations
Custom Control Panel
Instant Cancellation
Unlimited RAM
Unlimited Storage
99.99% Uptime SLA
Dual-CPU Hardware
Mobile App
Partnership Program
Full-Time Development Team
PCI-DSS Compliant

If you are official representative one of those hosting companies and you wish to remove your name from our list, please contact us via Mail.

Simple Solutions for huge networks

Nekroplex is providing everything huge network needs. You can hire us to develop plugins for you, or maybe to host your projects for you.

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Our starting plans

We know how hard you work to earn your money, because that's exactly how hard we work on all of our projects. Because we value your money, we made the prices way more affordable than anyone else in the game, while giving you a premium experience.


Budget Hosting


  • Ads on server
  • E5-1650v3 2-Core
  • Supports Vanilla,Spigot and Papercraft
  • Up to 20GB HDD
  • Ticket Support
  • No MqSQL database
  • Live Chat Support
  • No backups


One of our best MC Hosting packages


  • Ads on server
  • E5-1650v3 2-Core
  • Support multiple versions
  • Up to 20GB SDD
  • Ticket Support
  • MySQL database
  • Live Chat Support
  • Weekly Backups


Best for networks

2.5/512 MB

  • Ads on server
  • E5-1650v3 2-Core
  • Support multiple versions
  • Advanced Protection
  • Ticket Support
  • MySQL database
  • Live Chat Support
  • Weekly Backups